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WHO WE ARE Mount Pisgah Scripture Printing Ministry is a non-profit ministry of Mount Pisgah Baptist Church in Oliver Springs, Tennessee. Since 1975, this local church has distributed millions of Bibles and Scripture portions in sixteen languages around the world. The goal of the printing ministry is to provide the Word of God to a world in desperate need.


Little Known Facts & Great Prices
The Means The basic cost of production for a completed whole Bible with a vinyl cover is $3.00. New Testaments cost $.80 per completed book. We also produce hundreds of thousands of scripture portions such as John and Romans in English and Spanish; these cost approximately $.25 to produce. This is the production replacement cost and does not cover the cost of our distribution to the foreign fields and equipment purchasing and replacement. We produce scriptures on our presses at cost, therefore in order to further expand this ministry other forms of support become necessary. Co-labourers What does this mean to you? Here is how you can help meet the ever- increasing need of scriptures to those who are without the Words of life. You can be a full time supporter by providing monthly support as a mission project. We can provide the equipment and labor but we cannot carry the financial load of paper alone. Together we can! The Method Several Baptist churches are participating in co-publishing of Scriptures. Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church is one of many Baptist churches publishing the Scriptures as a ministry. Our ministry is not a business rather it is a missionary activity. Our purpose is to get the Word of God to those who have never heard the Gospel of salvation. This is a faith ministry and a great undertaking. Missionaries from all over the world continue to request the precious Word of God! If we fail to produce and distribute it, multitudes will die and go to a Christless eternity. Thousands of precious folks have been won to the Lord Jesus Christ as a result of Christians co-publishing the Word of God. We at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church count it a privilege to serve in this capacity of helping to meet the need. THE NEED IS GREAT, WILL YOU HELP?
The Motive But now (Christ) is made manifest, and By The Scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known. To All Nations for the obedience of faith. Romans 16:26 Our Responsibility: The Scriptures have been committed to Our Church and Your Church as the scriptural organizations for the publishing of the Word of God. The Need Fifty percent of the people in the world have never seen one verse of the Scriptures. Seventy five percent of the people in the world do not own a copy of the Scriptures. Churches obedient in the publishing ministry now have requests from fundamental Baptist missionaries for over 400 tons of the Word of God. Tons of paper are needed NOW for the publishing and distribution of the Scriptures. For many years we've published and distributed God's word in a manner that was sensitive and responsive to His leading. We have experienced the privilege of many answered prayers and the joy of reaching out to neglected souls by putting a Bible in their hands. As the world population grows, the need for the Word of God increases, which means production and distribution must also increase to keep up with the demand. This means that more modern up-to-date equipment and larger facilities are needed. If we FAIL, multitudes will die and go to a Christless eternity. One Baptist Church trying to reach the world seems hopeless, but united in a common cause, God's people can reach the world! Our prayer is that we will hear from you and be able to unite our efforts to reach a lost world for the cause of Christ being co-publishers together of the Word of God.
The cloke that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee, and the books, but especially the parchments. - 2 Timothy 4:13 KJV - Paul
Each truckload of paper contains approximately 33 to 36 rolls of paper. From one roll of paper, we can print 500 whole Bibles, 2,500 New Testaments, and 12,000 John and Romans. Mount Pisgah has printed over 10 million Scriptures in 15 different languages, including: Italian, English, German, Cambodian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Marshallese, Arabic, Greek, Talago, Kituba, Swahili, and Samoan. Costs of Scriptures Does not include shipping
John & Romans (English) John & Romans (Foreign Language) New Testament (English) New Testament (Foreign Language) USA New Testament Whole Bible (English) Whole Bible (Foreign Language) Roll of Paper Truck Load of Paper
$ 0.25 $ 0.25 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 1.00 $ 3.00 $ 3.00 $ 820.00 $ 33,000.00